Company Profile

PMS Parking is a professional organization dedicated to providing our clients with unsurpassed standards of services since 1988. PMS Parking provides parking lot management services, with over 86,000 parking spaces under management in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.  PMS Parking achieves quality by providing speed, convenience, safety and service combined with hospitality.

PMS Parking, Inc. is one of the few MWBE parking operators in the Mid-Atlantic.  PMS is certified with:

  • City of Baltimore
  • City of Richmond
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

PMS operates as a minority business in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

The early years of PMS Parking are the true ‘starting small & working your way up’ story. Ms. Amsale Geletu began working 10 years ago as a cashier at a local parking garage. Realizing success stems from determination and stamina of being an entrepreneur, Ms. Amsale decided to go ahead and setup her own company. Today the company employs over 100 people and it’s versatility and energy led it to be one of three finalists in a CBS TV show for Business Makeover.

Disciplined Approach Resulting in Lower Overhead

PMS Parking has been able to establish a firm hold among its larger competitiors by managing and operating with lower overhead.; thus, turning around this common setback of others in the industry to our clients advantage. PMS Parking has used this sound operating principle to leverage its rapid expansion through Baltimore, MD and now in Virginia and Washington, DC.

The growth that PMS Parking is currently achieving can be attributed to its approach in selection of lots. The firm first examines the potential profit exhibited by the lot being considered. PMS does not select lots with the expectation of producing huge profits immediately. The firm strategically bids on lots that may have small earnings initially, but possess great potential with good discipline and management.

Driven by Employees’ Commitment to Excellence

PMS Parking has grown from only 3 people 10 years ago to over 100 employees today. The daily excellence of the company is ensured by our workers, leaving patrons at our facilities with a great experience. This positive experience usually pays off to clients such as Commercial Office buildings, City Governments, Hotels or Hospitals.

For example: If family members visiting a loved one in a hospital enjoyed the parking service, they will tell other family or friends that “the Hospital’s parking is great, just park there… ” This overall positive feeling our patrons get is detrimental to the reputation of the property owner. Of course, negative service under other management companies reflects poorly on the end client.

Expansion in to Virginia and Washington, DC

Steady expansion into neighboring states has characterized the last couple of years at PMS Parking; in addition, PMS plans to expand into development and ownership of retail parking.

PMS takes its social responsibility seriously.

PMS is committed to making our community a better and safer place to live, work and play. PMS maintains memberships in:

  • Baltimore Downtown Partnership
  • Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce
  • Charles Street Association
  • Buliding Owners Managers Association
  • Baltimore Parking Association

PMS is fully bonded, insured and licensed.