Monthly Parking

Baltimore City Government offers monthly parking service, PDF applications are found here on our website and also on the city’s website:

Baltimore City Monthly Parking

The Parking Authority directly manages 13 garages and 21 surface lots throughout the City of Baltimore. The Parking Authority contacts out the management of these facilities and lots to professional operators. A listing of City Managed Parking Facilities is available with address, contact telephone number, operator name and space capacity. If you are interested in obtaining a monthly parking pass for a garage, please complete the Monthly Access Card Application and submit to the PABC.


  1. Download an application from the list above.
  2. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and complete the  application.
  3. When complete, choose PRINT to PDF to save as a new PDF file.
  4. Email the newly created PDF file to us.
  5. NOTE: Please be sure to provide an email address in your application.


All complaints, questions or concerns, must be submitted in writing. You can fax your questions and/or complaints to 410.385.8966 or email us here.