PMS Parking provides parking lot management services under subsequent contracts with the Parking Authority of Baltimore City we manage /operate the following locations : Marriott Hotel Garage, Hilton Hotel Garage, little Italy Garage, Caroline Street Garage, St. Paul street garage, Franklin Street Garage, West Street Garage, Marina and soon to be added – Arena Garage, Redwood Garage.  We have more than a decade of experience in managing locations across Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. PMS Parking has been able to establish a firm hold among its larger competition. In fact, enjoying an advantage over other parking management companies through its lower overhead. Turning around this common setback to others in the industry, PMS Parking has used this to leverage its rapid expansion through Baltimore, MD and now in Virginia and Washington, DC.  At the Hilton Baltimore location, in partnership with Laz parking, we have increased revenues by 15%.

Penn Station Garage (Formerly Managed by PMS, Inc)

PMS Parking was selected to manage the Penn Station Garage in 1994. Using the varied experience that PMS Parking brings to all of the locations it operates, PMS was able to bring this new garage online with great success. Over the 12 years of operations, PMS Parking was able to bring steadily increasing revenues to this busy transportation center. During the tenure of operations, PMS Parking was able to successfully maintain control of the facility regardless of the events affecting it.

  • Charles Street closing and train plaza renovations limited access to the garage. PMS assisted customers in negotiating the obstacles.
  • The tragedy of 9/11 caused heightened security. PMS Parking worked with officials to keep the Garage opened continuously. Security was increased as was customer service to keep our customers happy as well as safe.
  • New Pay on Foot equipment was installed. As with all equipment installations, PMS Parking was able to insure a smooth transition to the new system education the customer and reducing any inconveniences to a minimum.

Marriott Garage (Marriott Inner Harbor Hotel)

PMS Parking has operated this facility since 1999. The Marriott Parking Garage is located in the downtown area (across from the Hilton Hotel) and surrounded by major corporations, Baltimore Convention Center, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, M&T Stadium, University of Maryland Medical Center and the Hippodrome to name a few. The Marriott Hotel guests primarily use this garage. During sporting events, either the Baltimore Orioles or Baltimore Ravens, our garage accommodates 300 to 400 cars per event as well as the Convention Center and Hippodrome Theater patrons.

PMS Parking was intimately involved with the installation of the new equipment, educating the parking groups and individual parkers and ensuring that the “using” party’s were satisfied. The implementation of the new Scheidt and Bachman Pay on Foot equipment and the significant experience with this innovative technology enabled us to eliminate the learning curve and immediately improve the operations. We are also able to train our staff in advance on live equipment so customer service is enhanced from the first day of the operation. With this new technology, we have realized saving in our payroll costs and have increased the revenue by 50%.

St. Paul Place Garage (Tremont Hotel)

PMS Parking and Laz Parking Mid-Atlantic were awarded the contract to manage this facility in August 2003 and we are the current operators at this time. The open bid process received competitive proposals from at least six operators. Our management team joined the project management team two months prior to the facility’s grand opening. Our management was responsible for participating in the garage completion process along with the general contractor, various subcontractors, architects, financial representatives, and the Baltimore Development Corporation. Our team was responsible for insuring that the facility was 100% ready for operational commencement on the grand opening date.

In the operation of this garage we accommodate guests of the Tremont Hotel as well over 350 monthly parkers from Citibank.  This garage has the Scheidt and Bachman Pay-On-Foot system. Our experience with this technology and reporting capabilities will eliminate the learning curve that other operators will experience.

Holiday Inn Inner Harbor Garage

PMS Parking was awarded the contract to manage this Hotel Parking Garage in November 1988.  We managed this facility using a manual system until 2000. At that time we installed an Amano central cashiering system that incorporates a traditional fee computer on one lane and central cashiering on another.

Through aggressive management of this facility we are able to handle increasing use of the hotel by transient hotel guests as well as monthly, daily, tourists, and sporting fan customers. This system allows for full reporting, providing us with total control of the parking facility and the revenue.

Our varied experience with setting up new equipments allows us to eliminate the “learning curve” for cutting edge technology. Our entire management team has experience with all facets of utilizing the hardware and software associated with the Amano and Scheidt & Bachmann systems. We are also able to train our staff in advance on “live” equipment so customer service is enhanced from our first day of operations.

This facility has many different user groups that PMS Parking caters to which include:

  • Hotel guests, visitors and employees
  • Event Parking
  • Valet Parking
  • Daily & Monthly Parking
  • University of Maryland visitors
  • Hippodrome

Little Italy Garage

With the award of this garage in March 2000, PMS Parking continued it streak of being the initial operator of new parking facilities for the City of Baltimore. The garage opened with 398 spaces and was the first parking facility in the Little Italy area. PMS Parking has worked with the area businesses, restaurants and residents to serve the communities needs.

Little Italy was the first garage in the city with “Coin Chip Pay on Foot Technology.” Our experience with the Scheidt & Bachmann Equipment enables us to perform most routine repairs and minimize the cost of service calls from Scheidt & Bachmann. There will be no “ramp up” period trying to learn the new technology.

Baltimore Street Garage (Formerly Managed by PMS, Inc)

PMS Parking was awarded the contract to manage this City owned, newly built garage in 1998. With only 7-day’s advance notice, PMS assembled and trained a staff to operate the Amano Fee computers installed in the location. This location had over 350 monthly customers (including City Hall staff, City employees, and Alex Brown employees) when opened. PMS successfully activated all monthly cards, created the billing accounts, and trained the staff and customers on proper card use to ensure a successful grand-opening and continued financial improvement.

The Baltimore Street garage installed one of the first Amano Pay-On-Foot stations in Maryland. This cutting-edge revenue control equipment was put in-service on March 10, 2003. PMS Parking with a joint venture partner managed the transition from lane customer service to Pay-On-Foot parking. Development, design, and installation of new signage were critical in customer acceptance and understanding of the new payment method.

Complete staffs training on the new equipment allowed every member of the team too effectively help customers. We added credit card processing and it was highly accepted by the customers (20% of transactions). The Pay-On-Foot machines processed 85% of all transactions after just 90 days in operation. Expenses were down by nearly 25%, a significant reduction.

The Baltimore Street garage is a very high profile parking facility. With it’s location in the shadow of City Hall and the large volume of monthly and transient customers it serves, it is critical that operations are smooth and customer service and appearance is maintained at the highest level. PMS Parking has been able to exceed every expectation – increased revenue, decreased expenses, class A customer service, and “best in class” facility appearance. A positive working relationship was established with the Mayor’s office because of the close proximity, which made both parties very comfortable with an open line of communication.

Caroline Street Garage

PMS Parking took over this garage in August 2002. The garage is located in the Fells Point area of Baltimore City. This 325-space garage services corporate, residential, tourist and transient customers.

The Tropical Storm Isabelle flooded the entire first level of the garage in September 2003. Damages to the revenue equipment were complete destruction of the computers, access gates and fee computers. The elevators suffered water damage and stopped running. PMS Parking returned the garage to operation with a minimum loss of time, reopening the garage in days. We operated the garage using a manual system until new equipment was installed.

Following the storm, PMS Parking worked with the Parking Authority in the installation and implementation of the new Scheidt and Bachmann Pay-On Foot equipment. Our significant previous experience with the Scheidt & Bachmann Pay-On-Foot equipment allowed us to eliminate the “learning curve” for this innovative technology. Our entire management team has experience with all facets of utilizing the hardware and software associated with the Scheidt & Bachmann system.